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Here is useful information about fishing in Ireland as well as about protection of aquatic environments.

A blog that deals with fishing in Ireland and fishing culture, with a particular tone… Enjoy ! (French langage)


A unique domain in Ballycroy National Park. An unforgettable experience on the Owenduff river with salmon flyfishing among the last wild bog system in Europe. Guy & Sibylle will know how to welcome you and share one of Ireland’s best kept secret. Visit their website :

Official Irish fishing and leisure website, with plenty of useful information:


Patrick Molloy, Irish guide on the Lough Corrib & Mask, a living legend of Irish fishing and very keen on bringing satisfaction his clients. To contact him:


Since 1958, a public utility association that works tirelessly to protect French rivers and streams. Join them here: website (French)

Some among the most beautiful rivers in Europe are silently dying in 2020, among which the Loue, Doubs, Bienne and Dessoubre rivers…

This collective works on protecting those jewels in the French Jura, Doubs and Ain, threatened rivers that were once among Europe’s top sportfishing areas. Read about their action here: Website (French)


Program about protecting Ireland’s natural heritage through several actions and collaboration with landowners and farmers.



Founded in 1969 by fishermen to defend the last of Brittany’s wild salmons. Their website (French):